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Baron David of the House of Ward

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Security By Way Of Lien Pdf Files

               MP's Email lists Document

             Affidavit and Statement Document 

Case Law.

The case at Tribunal was won 7 years ago. Every one knows the words. Policed by Consent. Governed by Consent.

Consent is a Legal agreement and there MUST and legaly has to be material evidence of that Legal Consent.

There is thousands of filing cabinats accross this country in every Dentist Office with a signed and legal Consent and without that signed and legal consent there in no chance in hell that you will get a filling. It cant be done. The Dentist cannot touch you at all without that legal and signed consent. It is criminal asult to touch you.

The CONSENT of the governed is a legal document which must be signed every 5 years which is a term of government and without that legal consent there is no government at all. Big shock and Gasp.. Yes we all got conned into believing thet the General Election was how the government gained their authority.

Well if that was True then winning this case would not be posible at all. A Tribunal is a legal and adjudicated process recognised by government in their own Tribunal office. So there cna be no denail of the outcome. The outcome is absalute and we only have to win this case once. Yes it was a Parking Ticket but that Parking ticket is a claim made under the Traffic Management Act. You only have to defeat one Act regardless of which of the millions of Act's that is. Defeat one Act and this then defeats ALL the Acts and Statute's for all time.

Definition of word STATUTE:- A Statute is a Legislative rule given force of Law "BY" the consent of the governed. ....

65 Million people have never signed the Legal Consent. Never once in 800 years. Legal Consent cannot be asumed. There is 65 Million legal documents missing and without those 65 Million signed lagal documents there is no Government and they have no authority at all.

This one case in FACT and there is a signed and legla Declaration of NO CONTEST. This one case distroys every government in every country on this planet and we aonly have to win this once. The FACTS cannot be removed. The words Obligation and Liability DO NOT and CANNOT exist outside of a formal and legal agreement. THis one case defeats every Judge Barrister and Lawyer on this planet and exposes them for the scumbag pondlife they are.

Meet Baron David Ward.

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                                                                            HELP THE HOMELESS PROJECT

A Bond is paper with words and numbers and a signature. That Bond is placed in a Bank as cleared funds ready cash because a Bond is a commercial instrument. 

A Pledge is paper with words and numbers and a signature. That Pledge is placed in a Bank account as cleared funds ready cash. 

Every Bank Loan is a security instrument. Words and numbers on paper with a signature placed on account in a Bank as cleared funds ready cash. This is How ALL cash is created in the Banks.


There is an Ex-Mortgage adviser from Santander Bank (Simon) on Youtube who has confirmed in one of his YouTube vidioes that the Bank Loan Document is a security Instrument which creates the Cleared Funds or Cash. I also know this as I am a Maicrosoft Certifies Systems Engineer who has Built the Computer systems for Banks, Government and Ministry of Defence.


On 24th January 2019 we sent a prospectus for a new Crypto Currency Coin to The Block chain App Factory which is a crypto currency developer company as well as others to build a new coin with added capability to use security instruments on the platform for the creation of Crypto currency coins. This was conclusive that this could be done and the offer of contract to this effect is in the attached above along with a promotions package offers. So this is confirmation that this is feasible and security instrument can be used for the creation of Crypto currency as well as Fiat Currency. All Crypto Currency can have this function added as a capability. Or at least it would be reasonable to think so.


There is also another Crypto Developer Company called “BR Softech” who have also confirmed that this can be done and also with a contract offer by email. A copy of which is attached.


This is a 10 year old and mature project with Case Law won back in May 2013. All the security instruments by way of a Lien are fully published and perfected the details and Links are in the attached files. There is no Government resistance to this in Fact all these security instruments are government backed and everything has been fully published in the Face Book Group “Security by Way of a Lien from day one. We are at the finish line with one last step to completion. https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/files/ 


In Fact the government want this as there is £Trillions in future Tax Revenue for the UK Government as follows with the start of new projects as follows. Also attached.




Hi Guy’s, Just a few thoughts. 


This is the overview I sent to Tom and the guy’s in Ireland as to how the Help The Homeless charity would be setup and funded.

It was dated the 06/04/2019.

As follows:-



I don’t know how many homeless there are in Ireland. There is over 300,000 in the UK.

When and I do say WHEN there is a Lien coin platform we then have the funds for a None for profit charity. Help the Homeless.

The charity will be run by volunteers. No PAYE employees any fixed hours. We will need 27 homeless to start with. We already have the first four volenteres.

As we have a firmly established 100% track record without any oppositions with the Liens. We can change the process using this record as FACT to a one shot document. This document can be streamlined to the point of a template and then linked with a word Macro to create individual files. I can do that it will take a day or three. Once this is done we could rack out 20 a day easily as long as it is for a VAT receipt.

There is always a requirement for the material evidence of the claim. We could use any VAT Receipt for this and repeated Lien the Commissioners for HMR&C as the surety.


I don’t know how to set up a none for profit charity.

I don’t know what the founder of the Charity is called, I think it is a Benevolent something who does the initial funding. ONCE there is a Platform I will do that as well.

The Benevolent funding will be for:- 


27 individually purchased Laptops with Vat receipts. Say £400 each = £10,800

27 Individually Purchased Laser Printers with Vat receipts. Say £200 each = £5,400

29 Individually Purchased Android Smart phones with Vat receipts Say £200 each = £5,400.

One office rented ? I have no clue for 6 months. This will be self funding afterwards.

28 Embossing seals from Bowlers in London with the Help the Homeless Charity seal design. One VAT receipt. £100 each = £2,800


Total over head for the Benevolent is £24,400 Plus the office rent. Cheap as chips to set up a Help the homeless charity. My Time will be free.

This is where it gets Fun.


The Printers/ Laptops and two of the Phones Vat receipts get processed For Liens at £15 Million Each. This will put £855 Million in Lien coins one of the office Android phones Mines the 1% Platform service charge of ... £8,550,000 for the platform and he Tom Crew. Leaving £ 846,450,000 on one of the Charity office phones to cover future overhead expenditure.


The other 27 Android Phone Vat receipts will be processed for £15 Million each and will be added to the 27 Phone Lien Coin Apps minus the 1% Platform Charge leaving £14,850,000 on each phone and another £4,050,000 .... £4.05 Million in service charges for the Tom Lien Platform for a total of £12,600,000 for the Tom Crew. Now the charity is loaded. Looking for volunteers from the homeless.


We need two office volunteer Staff just to pick up the none existent mail and take charge of any future admin roles like paying the rent on the office. These 2 volunteer Staff will be gifted as a gift one of the Loaded Android phones with the £14,850,00 in Lien coins to do as they wish and as they are Homeless they may want to buy a Home Cash. = No Longer Homeless.


From the funds in the office Android Phone of £ 846,450,000 Circa 846 Million. We will purchase BRAND NEW 25 Motor homes for 25 Mobile staff. These 25 Motor homes will remain the Help the homeless Charity property as assets.


We then need another 25 Homeless volunteer recruits. Each will receive as a gift one of the Loaded Android phones with the £14,850,000 Lin Coins in the app Wallet to do with as they wish and as they are Homeless they can also buy a House Cash. No Longer Homeless. 


The 25 Motor Homes to be kitted with the Laptop/ Printer and a Help the homeless embossing seal. FOR the use of the 25 Mobile volunteers.


It will be the 25 Volunteers  Mobile staff Vocation to hunt down all the Homeless in Ireland and the UK. To purchase an Android phone and with the Vat Receipt Process this and load it onto the Android Phone as a Gift to the Homeless in Ireland and the UK. The Gifted Homeless can then use the funding on the free Phone to buy a House Cash. We need the 25 Mobile volunteers to be people. Maybe a lot of hand holding to get stuff done buying houses. I need a people person to vet these 25.


I think this project might take three years to reach an objective of no more Homeless in the UK and Ireland.


I told you this was going to be complicated. It will be my Vocation for three to six months to bring people up to speed.




What this clearly shows is the first project revenue in the 1% platform transaction charges of £8.55 Million in profit for the LienCoin Platform it’s self over the expected project H-T-H-C, 3 year expected period. This would then be extended as the Help the Homeless charity continues to the 300,000 Homeless to be £45 Billion in the 1% transaction charges on this project in the UK alone.


This will also show a future Tax revenue for the UK Government of £ 3,786,750,000,000 (£3,786.75Trillion) at the current Tax revenue rate of 85% £Gross which the UK Government would not have without this LienCoin. This shows clearly why the UK government have given no resistance or opposition to the Government backed security instruments. The Government backed security instruments won’t cost the UK Government 1p but they will gain 3,786.75Trillion in future Taxation revenue at current tax rate of 85% of £Gross.

This is 32 times the UK current annual Tax revenue.


This is just one small project in one country.

Now extend this to include everyone who is DWP dependent.


You may find this to be quite pertinent when considering a business plan white paper for a prospectus venture capitalist investor.

Why would we not let the Venture capitalist investor retain future ownership of the LienCoin Platform??

The Dragons would love this.


Just a few thoughts.





So from a Venture Capitalist observation point this should be a No Brainer. This is why I am not in Jail and there is no Bullet in my head.



Independent E-Wallet Specification.

There is a few E-wallets most are for Crypto and from what I have seen of the rest the E-wallet is client side with a back end Web Server. This project is for an independent E-wallet which can be in any fiat currency. The circa 200 fiat currencies can be added as a revision but the first revision needs to be in GBP. Great British Pounds.

I am a MCSE Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer all the way back from 2000. But I am not a programmer and my PHP and maybe Java Script or Perl is not up to speed.

In today’s world of Banking you Bank account is online. All Banks are online so they are venerable to potential hackers. Online Banking is through the Banks website. A website is predominantly HTML5 and PHP with any necessary Java script or Perl and where there is a huge Database thus could be DB or sql server.

A web site can be run from a laptop. These days you can have the line-x operating system and all the programs running from a Micro SD card. Now Micro SD card would be an Ideal memory medium for a website based HTML/PHP E-wallet. An E-Wallet can be unplugged from the android phone or laptop making the E-wallet the most secure E-wallet there is. If its not online then it cannot be Hacked and only needs to be online when it is being used. So the Micro SD card is by far the most secure and convenient E-wallet there can be. Equally this could be on a USB memory stick.

Ss there will be only one E-wallet account there won’t be any need for DB or SQL Server. A Bank account is a digital record of deposits and transactions. This digital record could be as simple as a text file.

The E-wallet will also need to have the function of assigning debit card standard bank credential added by the E-wallet user so that funds can be transferred in the usual way from the E-wallet to a high street bank account. Equally the E-wallet as a standalone E-wallet will need the Relevant BACS in the UK or SWIFT in Germany porting IP/ID to allow the funds from the E-wallet to be transferred.

Now this is where this stand alone E-wallet needs added function. We need to be able to add funding to the wallet. A Bank note is a commercial instrument. There is more than one kind of commercial instrument. A bond is a commercial instrument. A Pledge is a commercial instrument and there is securitised commercial instruments. All of which is how new fiat currency is created. Not by the Bank but by the hand that signs the securitised commercial instrument. The Bank is just a commercial vehicle. To take the written document. (Securitised commercial instrument) and transfer or deposit to an account.

It should go without saying these days that Banks are all guilty of banking Fraud. In fact the Banks have a commercial license from the government which is a License from the government so the Banks can commit commercial fraud. It should also go without saying and everyone knows that the governments of this world are corrupt outright criminals. Well that case was won in the UK on the 29th May 2013. There is no argument in fact there is a government signed legal declaration of NO CONTEST. So this is government sanctioned and approved.

This was followed two years later in 2015 with an Affidavit sent to all 657 MP’s of the UK Government. So at this stage There is 658 Legal agreements to the facts which is the Legal function of an Affidavit and 658 Legal UK Government sanctions and approved.


This 658 legal sanctioned and approved legal agreement was then used as foundation in formal and agreed fact to commercially Back charge government officers including Judges for criminal Fraud. There is now current day over 160 securitised commercial instruments which are UK Government securitised commercial instruments fully published for circa £6.5 Billion. This is Brand new commercially correct and perfected and debt free Fiat currency GBP. Great British Pounds. All sanctioned and approved by the UK government.

You can read them all here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/files/

Due to the Bank License we cannot use the banks as the commercial vehicle to deposit these fully sanctioned and UK government approved, securitised commercial instrument in a bank. This does not in any way invalidate the securitised commercial instrument, sanctioned and approved by the UK Government as legal remedy for government criminal fraud. Which is why there is a need for another commercial vehicle and after two years of deep research the commercial vehicle to provide this function is a simple E-Wallet. Website based driven simple HTML/PHP with maybe some Pearl or Java Script as needed. On a Micro SD card or USB memory digital device.

Only 3% of the world’s fiat currency exists as a Bank note. The rest is digital. Well we have digital GBP Great British Pounds already deposited which are UK Government sanctioned and approved as securitised commercial instruments on deposit. SO how do we transfer these already deposited funds to an E-wallet?

This is a function that needs adding to the wallet. All that is needed for the transfer is point of origin is the web URL address for the record and Transaction of deposit in the E-Wallet record and the Amount. The amount can be typed in the same as a Bank casher would type an amount being placed on deposit. So all we need as this added function is the means to record point of origin for transfer which is a Web URL digital deposit of the securitised Commercial instrument funds.


This does not need to be this very messy Face Book web URL location. There will be at some point some 200 dedicated websites in every language and country on the planet. This is just an example of the current published and perfected securitised commercial instrument.

So to summarise from this extensive example. What does the E-wallet functions need.

1. A web style HTML/PHP E-wallet

2. A retained record of deposits and transactions.

3. The function for the user to add debit card or bank credential.

4. Integration with the banking platform BACS/SWIFT IP/ID for transfer of funds.

5. A means to add funding from a WEB URL location of the digital securitised commercial instrument to the wallet.

Additional function that would be nice but which could come with revision two or three.

1. Point of sale contact the same as the Barclays PING. E-Wallet. From an android phone.

2. All world fiat currencies supported

3. Eventually extended to all languages.

This stand alone E-wallet will be the most used world E-wallet worldwide. No one will want to transfer £15 or £30 or more £Millions to the High street online Bank. The funds will be far safer and hack proof on an offline digital Micro SD card or USB Memory digital device.


                                                                              LIEN-COIN PROJECT DOCUMENT




I am looking to create a Block Chain coin. I know there is 16000 already created and from that respect why create another one. I will be honest I don’t know enough on the subject and exactly what the capabilities are of these Block Chain Coins are. I do know that any of the existing Block Chain coins can be given additional capabilities. All you need is the code.


First of all about me.

I am a blue chip Professional in more than one industry. I started in Fabrication with HNC. I moved to electronics. Later to become MCSE computer systems solutions provider. We have been engaged with Banks, Government and Ministry of defence Contracts regarding computers. But we are not a coder of any proficiency. We have also won case law at the highest level of Government and so we have a proven Attorney at Law track record.


In 2013 win case law in the UK Court/Tribunal. This case in particular puts the entire Act’s and Statute’s of a government in the Bin as Fraud. You can guess that the UK government don’t like me at all. That’s OK. I don’t like them. This would be true in every country without exception as there has been no formal transfer of power of Attorney where a government CAN represent the people and create legislation to Tax those people. There is no possible means of redress in any court for government Fraud.


This is where it gets complicated.


Following this revelation we then continued. I don’t take prisoners. I have since then gained Security commercial  instruments by way of a Lien and done this with Lawyers, Barristers, district Judges an MP and other government officers. I am sure that you can fully grasp that if there was any comeback and this was going to harm me then I would probably be in jail by now. Quite simply they can’t as there is a formal agreement between the parties for this security instrument. The government cannot pursue me in any way as we have already an agreement with a signed No Contest from the executive office of government. All of this is within the lien files. 


All of this has taken 10 years and here are many people now involved. We have an immediate interest group of over 1000 people with another 4 apart from myself who are already holders in due course of these security commercial instruments and they are for millions. This project is now 99% complete and all we need to Finnish this project is a commercial vehicle to transfer these perfected and indisputable commercial instruments back to fiat currency.  A Block Chain coin would be the Ideal vehicle for this. A Block chain Coin is the only vehicle for this.


We do have multiple options. The first one would be to have a developer company develop a coin with this function built in. Another option would be to have an existing Block Chain Coin have this capability added to it. The last option is that I get my head down and do this myself. I could get this done in say three months. I’m a smart guy. But this is what you guys do and you can have this done in a week. I’m on another project right now and I don’t want to put this other project on the back burner. It’s an important project.


Funding this won’t be a problem if we schedule the agreement to all our satisfactions. As individuals we don’t have vast Bank accounts full of Fiat currency. What we do have is agreed security commercial instruments for millions. SO as soon as the platform is created with a wallet to transfer these funds to THEN we have available funds in abundance. 


What we must insist upon should you choose to agree to this project is that funding is from the Lien Coin Block chain wallet and that this is clearly indicated as such in any contract or agreement. This would be dependent on cost. We do not have an abundance of available funds in Fiat currency. 


As I understand this and my knowledge at this time is limited. 


Coin Development: 


Key features

1 setting up of crypto node servers

2. Set up coin parameters

3. Coin generation

4. Generation of Block chain

5. Block hash

6. Block reward

9. Implementing Proof of work and Proof of stack

10.Wallet Generation

11. Manage Admin panel


I addition to this there will be a requirement on the platform to implement the transfer of security Lien commercial instruments directly into an ICO for a client with a perfected security commercial instrument.


12. Security Commercial instrument to Block chain Transfer and creation of an ICO.


As we understand it there is a 1% service charge for Block chain Transactions. This is not an objectionable amount. If a Transaction for an ICO creation for a Security Commercial instrument of say £15 Million then the 1% service charge of £150,000 in Lien Coins would be transferred to the LienCouin.com wallet as a service charge and the 99% would be transferred to the client ICO Lien coin wallet. I am sure all of this can be automated. This £150,000 will be immediately available as soon as the platform goes live. Anyone with the skills can host this platform. There will be many clients. There is currently an immediate interest group of over 1000 people. https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862  


We insist upon full disclosure. It would also be a great benefit if these files were hosted on the platform as examples as to how to perfect these Security commercial instruments. There is now a global market as this will be effective in any country. We may in the fullness of time have a need to implement this platform in many languages. This is outside of our personal capability but I am sure this can be resolved. 


To this end we have prepared a list of already perfected Lien’s which are and have to be published in the public to be perfected. So instead of filling up your inbox with attached PDF files Circa 140 pages each. We have the URL to Published files. I am sure that your legal team will be very interested; in fact we insist that they have visibility of these files. To that end....



District Judge HOW-LATEEF-LIEN-001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/1292888400779314/ 

District Judge HOW-LATEEF-LIEN-002 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/1292886904112797/ 

District Judge HOW-LATEEF-LIEN-003 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/1292876174113870/ 

District Judge HOW-GRAY-LIEN-001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/1292868254114662/ 

District Judge HOW-FITSGERALD-LIEN-001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/1292863800781774/ 

HOW-WOODWARD-LIEN-001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/1292862800781874/ 

HOW-MASHEDER-LIEN-001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/1292861584115329/ 

HOW-BUCKLEY-LIEN-001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/1292859867448834/ 



HOW-FB-LIEN-0001 Fiona Bruce MP https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/975342105867280/ 

HOW-FB-LIEN-0002. Fiona Bruce MP https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/975347322533425/ 



HOW-HAMLINS-RICHARD-PULL-LIEN-001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/1224986927569462/ 

HOW-HAMLINS-NEIL-THOMAS-LIEN-001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/1224986224236199/ 

HOW-HAMLINS-MATTHEW-PRYKE-001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/1224985000902988/ 

HOW-HAMLINS-DANIEL-BELLAU-LIEN-001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/1224984310903057/ 

HOW-HAMLINS-CHARLESBEZZANT-LIEN-001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/1224979950903493/ 

HOW-HAMLINS-ASELLEDJUMABAEVAWOOD-LIEN-001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/1224977054237116/ 

HOW-HAMLINS-CHARLOTTEALLAN-LIEN-001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/1224981397570015/ 

HOW-CN-LIEN-0001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/975318689202955/ 

HOW-CN-LIEN-0002 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/975319459202878/ 


HOW-MROWENS-LIEN-0001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/996374820430675/ 

HOW-JOHN WHITE-LIEN-0001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/996373987097425/ 

HOW-C-ANTHISTLE-LIEN-0001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/996371597097664/ 

HOW-HMCTS-ACALLISTER-LIEN-0001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/975354235866067/ 

HOW-HMCTS-ACALLISTER-LIEN-0002 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/996369447097879/ 

HOW-MRKM-LIEN-0001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/975368822531275/ 

HOW-MSSW-LIEN-0001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/975354499199374/ 

HOW-MSSW-LIEN-0002 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/975361325865358/ 

HOW-LIEN-MRWN-0000001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/941730645895093/ 

HOW-LIEN-MRWN-0000002 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/1996362483765232/ 

HOW-LIEN-MRKN-0000001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/941729395895218/ 

HOW-SPYE-LIEN-0001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/830179827050176/ 

HOW-MRTD-LIEN-0001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/856315541103271/ 

HOW-LIEN- MRMD-0000001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/939301839471307/ 

HOW-SR-LIEN-0001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/975370629197761/ 

HOW-LAS-LIEN-0001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/856318257769666/ 

HOW-JUMC-LIEN-0001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/856321777769314/ 

HOW-CEO-084-LIEN-0001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/856322781102547/ 

HOW-CEO-203-LIEN-0001 https://www.facebook.com/groups/798269636907862/permalink/856324024435756/ 


Let’s just say it is complicated so don’t blame me for the headache. We recommend a lot of coffee. 


I am not bashful at doing what I do. When there is something important to be done I do not take prisoners. If you are interested then here is some video of me in action. 


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E545q2jAgeQ  I can add as it is not in the video that the Bailiff declared no goods to levy. He asked us to turn the cameras off while he did. He was actually an ex squady from the British armed forces. He eventually declared no goods to levy I didn’t leave him a corner to hide in. I have won case law on this. This video was in 2015. The document in my hand was the first of many. HOW-SPYE-LIEN-0001


If you are going to get in peoples face and piss them off then give them a face they won’t forget. That is one of the reasons for the big and scruffy beard. It’s not a fashion statement. In fact it’s a pain in the arse and now it is longer. 


This is why this Lien coin is so important. Lien coin will be the first of many. Lien Coin will become a very important vehicle and its primary function will be to provide a vehicle for the transfer from Security commercial instruments to a Block Chain Coin. Any Block chain coin.


What did surprise me when I started looking at the world of Block chain coins as a vehicle was that there are already 16,000 Block chain coins on a planet where there are at best only 200 fiat currencies. This is staggering. We have also noted that some of these Block chain coins are not doing very well and may fall out of the use or are removed from the block chain exchange. I can see ample opportunity for the revival of some of these coins if they was to add the function for the transference of security commercial instruments by way of a perfected lien to be transferred to block chain coin ICO. The possibilities for future block chain coins is staggering.


There is another man I know who has thousands of clients who is also interested in a Block chain coin. 


I truly do feel that this is the way forward and hope that we can work together to implement an agreeable program for this project. We must insist once again that the funding for this project must come from the block chain coin itself and this MUST be written clearly into any agreement should this be a large amount.


I thank you for your time. I know that this has been a lengthy email packed with details and content but I am sure that you will agree it is necessary. We need to get this right.


I can be contacted at davidwardesq@gmail.com 


Thank You.



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“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.”