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:Lady-crown's Special Publication & Proclomation 2020 pdf

Rebecca Lady Crown-Queen and Ambassador of Ireland and Joinder

King Arthur I Freewill deceptive practices In Commerce .pdf

Protection of the Families Act 18.10.2020.pdf



Negative Removals New Universe, Earth Expansion hidden 33 plus 7 kingdoms 40 years egyption slaves circled not knowing they were free .pdf

Galatics, Ground and Air troops, via Generals, No delay 8th of November to remember.pdf

corporate pirates served 12.09.2021.pdf

Home Coming by Proclaimation King Arthur Returns 10.08.2020 

No Mandatory COV.-19 pdf

Do no harm..pdf

Sheriff Daryl Order and Command wildfires West Coast (1).pdf

Mauri-Crown-Royal-Decree-Exodus | He Whakaputanga 26.11.2020 | He Whakaputanga 26.11.2020.pdf

Maji Grail King Arthur 4 heartlands to heal for the People Equals all Lands, Sea above and below, in space 

Genocide from 9th Dementional Queen Elizabeth II.. Reptilian againt all People WoldWide were at Silent War Vacination Test Kits and Vaciness Guide Stone in Georgia 500 Million only left Stand up now take them all out!

Ireland Lady Crown Queen-Appointment Kings Bench Court Commonlaw 09.11.2020(1).pdf

Cov.19 bateria, not a virus viruses are not contagious 5.20.2021-2085. (1)

KIng Arthurs Claims and Rights and Command Orders.2021-2085 (1).pdf

Expressions and Grievances 6.20.2020 by dary payan EDIT copy(1)(1).pdf

King Arthur I II Higher Realms Modern Day Proclamation May 24th 2020  Good to be King.pdf

Exactly What We Need

Suv'eran Originee & Mauri Matriachs Speak 2020

: Ramola-D. : Purple-Thumb-Community-Principles-Speak, ~27-~AUGUST-~2020.

Captian James Cook At the present time and space Reversal


Captian James Cook At the present time and space Reversal

Orders from the Real Command 7.30.2021.pdf

Negative Removal of Duality Demons Demo-crazy vs Re-public Re-incarnation of creator, in the 8 point Star Saint Patricks flag.pdf

Miss  Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor Mountbatten 10.10.2021.pdf

Done -Abundance Released 4-10-2022-ttime matrix.pdf

Removal of the curse in Kennedys namesake...Dark to Light.pdf

Proclamation From The Surrogate King: Hoani-Kahaki: Wanoa Claiming Back the 8 Pointed Star of St. Patrick with the Protection of the Kings Flag-United Tribes World Flag and The Land Titles of the easter Island Statues For The People, for the Land to be returned to the People and Free the World.

Passport old out dated and hidden new, UK, USA, Europe Vaccine 3.8.2021

Home Coming by Proclaimation King Arthur Returns 10.08.2020 

King Arthur's acknowledgement to ,  Lady Crown's Claim , Ills of the past don't equal the future, Law of One, New Earth(1)

Ireland Lady Crown Queen-Appointment Kings Bench Court Commonlaw 09.11.2020(1).pdf

Expressions and Grievances 6.20.2020 by dary payan EDIT copy(1)(1).pdf

King Arthur I II Higher Realms Modern Day Proclamation May 24th 2020  Good to be King.pdf

Mr. Trump New Orders and Galatic and Earth bound Temp Position 9.15.2020.pdf

Trump Order and Notice 3.24.2020.pdf

All Law Enforcement Notice and Order Including other Departments, Agencies.

11:04 A.M. PST

January 24, 2020 Page 1

All Law Enforcement Notice and Order Including other Departments, Agencies.

Mr. Policeman, and Sheriffs across the unincorporated u.S.A.
I am Daryl Arthur Payan I , also the descendant to King Arthur I,II, 400 to 600 A.D. ,
Wearing the Kings Sheriff Badge on my hat and on the back of my traveling means, right to travel Without licensing or tags, without including forced Insurance or bonds of any sort as I am the Kings

Creditor and so are the Peoples of the Land.
Licensing, tags, bonds are null and void, in the u.S.A Pending Restored Republic.
A. I have been appointed by Surrogate King John Wanoa for the Common law Sheriff for the u.S.A,

wearing the 8 Point Star Badge on my hat with the Kings Crown the top. Highest Authority of the law Enforcement including Army up to the Navy Chain of Command on the land, air, underground and sea.
B. My other Titles are, Land Patent lawyer, Secretary of State Dual Government, “the real Federal State” Ambassador to the United Kingdom, of Kings Admiralty Authority to John Patterson, British Royal Navy, In which links to King William IV Moai Crown Legal Authority that was set up long ago under the Dutch Kings, William II, III, and IV by Commercial Contract of the Kings Bench Royal Revenue and the 1834 Flag Of Sovereignty Authority Jurisdiction and Constitution land Laws of England and Pending Republic of America under Mr. President Trump Vice Admiral and that has the Flag, it’s a Republican Flag. The 8 Point Star St. Patrick’s Flag in which your about to meet will and shall be ordered online by you for the Kings Bench / Magistrate Court Authority and any Court Clerk and Administrative Judge will put up in the Court Room and you will put on an honorable Red Robe or a Referee shirt by next Monday, and Take

Congratulations - Great Reset is Now. Enemy of the Debtor is the Creditor. Live Broadcast.


                                                        Notice Order of Action:
Time Document Preparation: 8:40 A.M. to 11:43, Monday 27, January 2020,
Titles are: 8 Point Star Common-law Sheriff Daryl Arthur Payan I / King Arthur I,
Land and Admiralty Kings Bench Court Authority/Magistrate, Secretary of State Dual Government for u.S.A., Land Patent lawyer, Ambassador, By King Arthur I / Daryl Arthur Payan 1, Appointed by Surrogate: Hoani John Wanoa, NZ

The Transitioning in Evolution “The Golden Age “ Freedom

Screenshot 2020-01-28 at 6.04.15 PM.png
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Time: 5:00 A.M.          “King Arthur I, AKA,Daryl Arthur Payan I, Conquers the World”

Date: 1/29/2020                             and gave it back in 1 day., correcting the problems

                                                      Of the Past, Presently, for the ongoing new System.

                                                      Declaration Claim and Return   

                                                                            Red Letter

King Arthur I Conqueror and Reconstruction Of all Worlds Land titles to give back to Aboriginal - Sovereign Nations of the world 250 Plus Countries Joiner With Moai Statue planet maker

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All Law Enforcement Notice and Order Including other Departments, Agencies.

January 24th 2020 :Page~2

down the gold fringed flag in the courts you appear in your courts dry-docking the People, There is no more Queens Bench or Sharia law Allowed in dry-dock or land mass or Admiralty Court Martial Law of the Kings Bench Court Authority in u.S.A or anywhere else as a matter of fact.

This Flag I hold is LETHAL, with the appointed Titles I hold, and will indictment and arrest shall Commence for all towing companies participating in impounds, Insurance Company’s, Department of Motor Vehicles Foreign Corporations, toll-road fees with Serco and Prince William in Orange County California and Across the Nation, that is in fact King William 3rd of Orange the 3rd Star on the Flag that was usurped long ago. Almost none of this was disclosed to the people for information to all travelers’ Non-Commercial or Commercial and force upon with guns with the color of law, treason to the highest, and misdemeanors. As of now, the fees of fiat or gold back money shall not commence in commerce for bills of Attainder or fines or penalties nor arrest in the private jails made by the Bar Member Attorneys foreign Agents that do not represent the people on the land, nor the waters, by private Queens Bench, not the Kings Bench Martial Law Court Authority/Magistrate Native Court Authority given to the people with the Paramount chiefs which equals a King to this Day. Taxes are unlawful as well at the present moment.

The DMV is to return the Original manufactured Titles of Origin to all people immediately and mail it to them and the manufactures have a lot to answer for by shuffling of the real Titles to a Foreign entity making the people Federal Employees of a fictional Corporate States the unincorporated u.S.A, in which Literally abolishes all States in the unincorporated the Restored Republic. All laws were taken out that the Vatican made of the holy see, not Sea of Admiralty, Called Motu Proprio 2013 cannon, civil, laws fraud worst in the World in which enslaved the Worlds peoples unknowingly through the churches. President Trump Exec. Order Blocking the property of people involved in Serious human rights abuse or Corruption/International Emergency Economic Powers act in the united States for America, A’Miracle. This is an Notice and Order and live and active, and shall commence to indict and arrest any
against myself and the people that have not been given this information. There is no Jurisdiction for Serco and Prince Williams for toll-roads bonds as well the people own the road. 3133 plus Counties, Cities, and States are to Cease and Desist all collections impounds, bonds, insurance, fraud as of this

All Law Enforcement Notice and Order Including other Departments, Agencies.

24th January 2020: Page 3

Notice and Order. All Law Enforcement is to stand down as well for these above matters, and training is available by myself, John Wanoa, Andy Devine, Deborah Meadows and many others that have the Flag,

private Contract for 250 Plus Countries.
All law Enforcement Officers of the Queen’s Bench and or Sharia law are to Cease and Desist jailing

people with no Affidavits, Facts, and Jury Members, you cannot act as bailiff jury judge and prosecutor and executioner and witness, you’re a public servant of the people in common-law to take a report, and no Child and any Human Trafficking in any way through Child Care Protective Fraud Service, or Immediate indictments shall be handed to the Court Martial Law Kings Bench Court of Admiralty and the Land Magistrate Court therefore with a Jury and no Ruling from the Bench, if the Fact is presented of proof with an sworn affidavit you will be arrested anywhere on this planet. This can be done anywhere, online or in a lawful common-law, Magistrate Court. This shall be furnished to all above as mentioned, as we are in a Global Reset and all has to do with love, honor and caring for one another. Not violence make Federal Reserve notes that are an fiat like a FedEx Company printing bills for attainder to enslave you forever, false Economy for over 100 years. Our prosperity in in all of our hands, as the old system is broke and a new System is in place now.

Link: Economic income and John Wanoa 95 facebook sites to enlighten you how it all happened Truth Lore, Gods Spirit.
Every Document goes on my site fact of evidence, including fraud mortgages, to the Whitehouse, to around the world.

See my Facebook Daryl Payan.
I am here to see this through for 1000 years minimal of peace and prosperity for all. NO MORE BILLS! It is time to change. Many exciting new developments are coming such as over 5000 inventions that were held back for over 100 years and Replicators and holographic med bed healing /re-aging.
So no more vaccinations and Big Pharma as well. Think on what your going to do to help humanity for

this new age. is my facebook with all the documentation, this is Real! Blessings, Sincerely King Arthur I /II

Daryl Arthur Payan I

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Since This Web Page being established in Now Time, : KINGS-STAND &: RIGHTEOUS-TAKE-BACK , These Hidden Facts have been known for a long time by some and have been held as a secret Keeping Us Separated from this knowledge and although shunned by many the few who knew continued the fight to reclaim it. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the business we are today, and when the Kingsmen and Women unite and create joinder with the knowledge of the Real Truth about these deceptions by these kept secrets or Facts We the People will become the Righteous Kings and Queens We All Are.


We Know that Justice Should always come first with Honour and Integrity Truth Must Be Seen and Proven by and with The Facts. This is by no means been an easy Task because Kings Bench Provides All The Solutions for We the People that are making Our Stand for this Righteous-Take-Back, LONG-LIVE-THE-KINGS-MEN/WOMEN........ SO-BE-IT!!

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                                                      Birth Certificate now Reformed

Live Birth, by locations of Land, Sea, Air, or by Incubation or not mentioned, with          No-Bond Paper = Slavery, but Valued as Kings Creditor Directly, All Ages, All              Countries, and Islanders, Space Cadets, Animals with Caretakers in need of               Animals Value, with no forced nor volunteered Vaccinations nor Registrars            witnessing, but by Nurse, Doctor, or Any Staff member to Witnesses Only, with          thumb Print Address and Picture of Individual. I am Abolishing Registrars all                                             together, New Borns infinitely by 2/15/2020

                                                                       Red Letter



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